Baltic Yarn Linen Lace

100% European flax linen spun in Lithuania, Latvia.

Berroco Quinoa 1012

Thick-and-thin cotton is wrapped up with a nylon binder to c..

Boca Chica

Boca Chica is A Good Yarn's first exclusive base!

Shibui Knits Yarn Cima

Cima, from the mountains hear the echo between now and now.

Shibui Knits Yarn Echo

Echo, over the water the silence calls, a winter mist rises..

Shibui Knits Yarn Fern

Fern, in the shade of spring ferns unfurl summer's banner.

Shibui Knits Yarn Limited Ember

Available in 8 yarn bases: Birch, Cima, Drift, Echo, Lunar, ..

Shibui Knits Yarn Lunar

Lunar, a cricket sings moonlight reveals blossoms before dew..

Shibui Knits Yarn Pebble

Pebble, a knowing hand is never empty, gems sleep in the hum..

Shibui Knits Yarn Rain

Rain, fleeting drops fall then silence, the sound of rain ne..

Shibui Knits Yarn Reed

Reed, the stream murmurs a crane’s flight awakens the spri..

Shibui Knits Yarn Silk Cloud

Silk Cloud, floating in the sky a moon. Together, we give t..

Shibui Knits Yarn Staccato

Staccato, an empty field a tree and the echo of cicada.

Shibui Knits Yarn Twig

Twig, only the shoots of new leaves budding flowers and rays..

Shibui Tweed Silk Cloud

Silk and Kid Mohair combine for a subtle, graceful take on ..

Shibui Vine

Warmed by early sun
Waking, curious
A tendril curls toward..

Skacel Yarn Concentric

Worsted yarn closely resembling concentric circles.

Woolfolk Yarn Flette

Color shades are inspired by Woolfolk's home in the lush Pac..



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