KittyBea Biscayne Orange Crush

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This newest colorway is based on this picture of a species of Flavorinus Mirabilis Nudibranch.  We just called it Orange Crush!  Nudibranchs are shell-less snails.  They are some of the most colorful creatures on earth. Though most nudibranchs have gills on their backs and a pair of antenna, those in the order of Aeolids like this one, have groups of appendages along their backs called cerata.  These function similarly to gills, and the colorful tips contain poisons or stinging cells obtained from organisms which they eat. Their colors also function to warn predators of their bad taste or poisonous nature.  This one was only about 3/4 inch long.  If you look close, just below its head, you can see a yellowish patch of another nudibranch's eggs its eating.

100% Super Wash Merino

Hand Dyed in Sarasota, Florida


Gauge 7-9st=1"  on US 03

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