Brioche Basics 1/12 and 1/26

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Brioche Basics
Learn the basics of the Brioche knit stitch in this two hour beginner class.  We will begin with the set up row, learning the construction of the BRK or Brioche knit stitch, then move on to the easy repeating rows of Brioche Knitting.
In the next class, you will learn to add in a second, contrasting color in order to begin exploring the next phase of Brioche Knitting.  BRP or brioche purling will be practiced during this class.  Practicing these two stitches will be the foundation for future classes in increasing and decreasing while brioche knitting, in order to explore the combinations for fantastic designs.  
Class materials:
DK or worsted weight yarn and needles sufficient for the yarn weight.  
Saturday 1/12 and 1/26
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