Sea Squirt


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Also known as Tunicates, they are commonly known as sea squirts. There are over 2000 species of tunicate in the world’s oceans. I took this picture while diving in Indonesia with my son Dan. Sea Squirts are found in many colors and I usually see some species of tunicate wherever I dive, but I had never seen black ones before. They are ancient animals and have been found in fossils from as early as the Cambrian period. Their name derives from their unique outer covering or “tunic”, which acts as an exoskeleton. In some species, it is thin, translucent, and gelatinous, while in others it is thick, tough, and stiff. They are marine invertebrate animals and feed by filtering water syphoned through two tubular openings. Some species are consumed as food and even farmed.

The yarn is Sprout from The Fiber Seed in sock/fingering weight.

90% Merino Wool Superwash  10% Nylon





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