Brainy is dyed by String Theory Hand Dyed yarn on Quince’s Chickadee base.


6.5 sts/inch on US 3

6st/inch on US 5

35 in stock

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Brain corals are found in shallow warm water coral reefs in all the world’s oceans. While diving in the Cayman Islands with my son Daniel this one caught my eye with the unusual arrangement of the whirls in its structure. The lifespan of the largest brain corals can reach 900 years and colonies can grow as large as 6 feet or more in height. Like other corals, brain corals feed on small drifting plankton extending their tentacles to catch food at night. They also receive nutrients provided by the algae which live within their tissues. During the day, they use their tentacles for protection by wrapping them over the grooves on their surface. The surface is hard and offers good protection against fish or hurricanes.


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