How to Perform the KRL and KLL Increases

Last month, we covered the M1B increase, and this month we have two more increases for you to try out on your next knitting project! The increases are found in the Muffle pattern by Alexandra Tinsley, using the January colorway from the Purl Diver Collection. The yarn is from KittyBea Knitting on their Nokomis base, a bulky merino/nylon blend. The color was inspired by the Ornate Ghost Pipefish, a relative of the seahorse.

The KRL (knit right loop) and KLL (knit left loop) are mirrored increases, perfect for using in pieces that you want to look the same on the left and the right.

For the KRL: knit in pattern until you get to the increase stitch. insert your needle into the stitch one row below the stitch on your left needle, and lift up the right loop onto the left needle. Knit this stitch.

For the KLL, knit in pattern until it is time to increase, then pick up the stitch 2 rows below the worked stitch on your right needle, and place it on your left needle. Knit through the back loop.

These increases help prevent holes and eyelets in the finished piece.

Come back next month for another exclusive tutorial from A Good Yarn Sarasota.

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