How to Master M1B & Knitting with Beads

In 2017, we’ll be doing a monthly blog series to spotlight our ever-popular Purl Diver Yarn Club. Each month, we release a limited edition color-way with a pattern that complements the yarn. Starting this month, we will pick a technique from the previous month’s pattern to demonstrate a technique step-by-step.

The Aurita Shawl by Susanna IC uses the Strawberry Tube Sponge Yarn from the December club. There are actually TWO techniques in this shawl which we’ll help you master in this post: the M1B (make 1 below) technique for making increases and how to add beads to your knitting.

M1B – Make one Below

This technique is a one-stitch increase that doesn’t involve holes, unlike yarn-overs and the reverse cast-on. Here’s what to do:

Knit until you reach 1 stitch before the marker – you’ll be knitting into the stitch below this. It helps to stretch the knitting just a bit to make the stitch easier to see.

Insert your right hand needle into the stitch below the stitch on your left hand needle (see photo below), yarn over and pull through the stitch, then insert your right needle into the stitch on your left needle and knit as you normally would. Voila! You’ve just added a stitch to your knitting!

Knitting with Beads

When you get to the stitch that the bead needs to go on, take a small crochet hook that will fit through the hole of the bead and place bead on the hook like so:

Take the stitch off of your left hand needle with the crochet hook, and pass the bead from the hook to the base of the stitch. Replace the stitch on your left needle and knit as you would normally. It’s like magic!

Have you made a project with yarn from the Purl Diver Collection? Post pictures on Instagram and use the hashtags #AGYsarasota and #PurlDiverCollection, and you may see your photos shared on our Instagram!

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