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Rosen Shingle Creek Resort
  Orlando, Florida
Florida Knitting Retreat Shingle Creek Resort

Join A Good Yarn, Ann Budd, Susan Anderson, and Romi Hill for a weekend filled with learning, laughing, and knitting.

Join us for our first annual Knitting Retreat. It will be held May 18-21, 2017 in Orlando,Florida.
The retreat will begin Thursday, May 18th,  after lunch and end with Brunch on Sunday, May 21st.
It will be a time to make new friends and learn more about this thing that we all love so much……Knitting!!!
I can’t forget to mention there will be lots of fun involved too!

Ann Budd

Ann Budd - A Good Yarn Knitters Retreat

Ann Budd is a freelance knitting editor, author, teacher, and designer. She has authored more than a dozen books, including the Handy Book series and many of the Style series, as well as several books on sock knitting, including Getting Started Knitting Socks and Sock Knitting Master Class. Ann’s newest book, New Directions in Sock Knitting was released in early 2016, the same year that her Knit For Fun Retreats debuted. Ann lives in Boulder, Colorado, and teaches workshops around North America and abroad.

Ann will be teaching the following classes for us…..

Reading your Knitting
Most knitters run into problems when they aren’t able to “read their knitting”—that is, they can’t recognize where they are in a pattern by simply looking at the stitches on the needles or in the fabric below the needles. How do you tell where you are when you’ve put your knitting down in the middle of row? Can you tell how many rows you’ve knitted since the last increase, or decrease? How do you know what type of increase or decrease was worked? In this class, we’ll knit a swatch (or two) and examine how the basic stitches look in a piece of knitting and how those stitches are represented in charts. ADVANCED-BEGINNER KNITTING SKILLS REQUIRED; MUST KNOW HOW TO CAST-ON, BIND-OFF, KNIT, PURL, INCREASE, AND DECREASE.

Socks At Any Gauge
Want to make socks that fit perfectly, no matter what yarn or needles or stitch pattern you use? This workshop will teach you how to measure your foot, knit a swatch, and devise a standard top-down pattern for any size foot and any gauge of knitting. ADVANCED-BEGINNER KNITTING SKILLS; MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE KNITTING SOCKS FROM THE TOP DOWN.
Materials: Tape measure; calculator; yarn of your choice and appropriate needles; markers.

Fixing Mistakes
In this class, we’ll examine how the basic stitches look in a piece of knitting, and practice fixing common mistakes, including ripping out, picking up dropped stitches (even edge stitches!), reversing the direction of a cable turn, and correcting a snag that breaks the yarn.

Materials: One partial ball of your choice of yarn (tightly twisted worsted-weight wool or wool blend recommended); knitting needles in a size appropriate for your yarn; cable needle; crochet hook.

Shadow Knitting
Variously called “Japanese fine knitting” and “optical knitting, “shadow knitting” is the term introduced by Vivian Høxbro to describe a technique in which purl ridges define a pattern on a two-color striped stockinette-stitch background. The right-side ridges cast a “shadow” pattern that comes and goes depending on the angle at which it is observed. When viewed straight on, the fabric resembles simple two-row stripes. When viewed at an angle, the garter ridges predominate and a different pattern is visible. Learn this ingenious technique by knitting a swatch with a heart motif.
Materials: Tightly twisted sport-, DK, or worsted-weight wool yarn in two colors—one light and one dark (you’ll use just part of each ball); needles in a size appropriate for your yarn; stitch markers.

Susan B. Anderson

Susan Anderson - A Good Yarn Knitting Retreat

Susan B. Anderson designs knitwear and handknit-toys in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A. She has authored six knitting books including the best selling Itty-Bitty Hats, Itty-Bitty Nursery and Itty-Bitty Toys series. Her other books include Spud & Chloe at the Farm and another bestseller, Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out. Susan’s newest book, Kids’ Knitting Workshop, was released in December of 2015.  Susan has three popular Craftsy.com online workshops that tackle the ins-and-outs of toy-knitting, and she has a brand-new Craftsy release called, First Time Toe-Up Socks.  For the past ten years Susan has written her popular and award-winning blog, found at susanbanderson.blogspot.com. She designs for her self-published pattern line and has had designs and features in Parents Magazine, Knit Simple, Interweave Knits and the Noro Magazine as well as many designs for independent yarn and design companies including Quince & Co., Infinite Twist, and Little Skein in the Big Wool. One of Susan’s favorite achievements is being a nationally renowned knitting teacher. She loves traveling the country and beyond teaching and meeting knitters from all over the world.

Susan will be teaching the following classes for us…..

Seamless Top-Down Dolls 

Skill level- Intermediate
Technique Requirements:
Knit/purl; cast on/bind off ; increase/decrease; working in the round; easy colorwork; experience with top-down garment construction; basic finishing techniques; short rows ; casting on and working in the round on a small number of stitches on double-pointed needles; working in the round on double-pointed needles

Description: Come knit an adorable folk-style doll seamlessly and from the top down with toy knitting expert Susan B. Anderson. Susan’s patterns from the ebook Mary, Millie & Morgan, published by Quince & Co., will be provided and used during class to take the students on a super-fun seamless doll knitting adventure! Although students will be working on a specific project during class, many toy-knitting tips, tricks, techniques, and skills will be shared and demonstrated along the way. Some of the technique demonstrations and skills worked on during class include: Casting on a small number of stitches on double-pointed needles; working in the round on a small number of stitches; short rows; duplicate stitch; doll hair-tying techniques; face embroidery; picking up stitches; placing stitches on scrap yarn; closing holes and gaps in your toy; gauge; stuffing discussions; and more!
Skill Level- Intermediate
Technique Requirements:
 Knit/Purl; Cast on/bind off; Increase/Decrease; Working in the round; must be able to work in the round on double-pointed needles starting on a small number of stitches.

Join renowned knit-toy designer for some seriously fun sheep knitting and toy-knitting tips. The pattern will be provided for students. In class students will work on knitting their own Sheep! toys in either a textured wrap stitch, a loopy stitch or some simple stranded colorwork. Susan’s classes include large group discussion, small group demonstrations and individual attention. As students work on their selected sheep style loads of general toy-knitting tips and tricks will be taught as well. Tips and guidance on face embroidery, stuffing tricks, fiber choices, gauge information, and ways to get your toys to look great and to stand the test of time, and more will all be shared. Students will leave class being more confident toy-knitters!

Fair Isle Hat
Skill level- Intermediate

Pull together some worsted weight yarn (preferably 100% wool) to make a beautiful color work sampler hat in class. We will work on the corrugated rib, the Latvian braid and the two-handed color work technique during class. Susan provides lots of guidance through large and small group demonstrations and individual attention during class. Students are walked through skills and everyone succeeds! Students are provided hat patterns with a variety of charts. Lots of options and examples and tips and tricks for success will be shared in class to help you with your colorwork hat adventure! You will leave a much more confident colorwork knitter.

Reversible Toy- The Owl to Egg
Come to class ready to zip through a nearly seamless (there is only one small and quick seam in the entire toy!) Topsy-Turvy Toy. The toy starts as a palm-size egg and when turned inside-out becomes an adorable little owl. It is a toy that evokes ooohs and ahhhhs from all who see it and try it!

In class we will talk about toy knitting tips and tricks that apply to toy making in general. We will have large group discussions, small group technique demonstrations, and plenty of individual attention. We will cover simple seams, picking up stitches right on your toy for seamless part knitting, face embroidery, stuffing and gauge issue discussion for toy knitting, and more.  You will leave class a much more motivated and confident toy knitter!

Romi Hill

Romi Hill - A Good Yarn Knitting Retreat

Romi Hill lives on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Northern Nevada, where the high desert nights are cool and the air is clear and crisp. A lifelong crafter and knitter, she is inspired by the natural surroundings in her corner of the world, and her designs have an organic flow. She specializes in lace of all weights, and you can see her full pattern collection on Ravelry. Romi’s lace book from Interweave Press: “New Lace Knitting” was published in September 2015 and features timeless patterns for garments and accessories. She loves dark chocolate with chili peppers, and she’s a sucker for a great pair of cowboy boots.

Romi will be teaching the following classes for us…….

Lace Surgery
In this workshop, not only will we discuss techniques to avoid mishaps, participants will learn how to rip a section of lace (or lace and cable) back and knit it up row by row without having to rip the entire project out. Students will be given charted knitting homework to be prepared prior to the class: 2 lace swatches with mistakes (or a lace swatch and a cable swatch with mistakes), to be operated upon during class! Materials: swatches, double pointed knitting needles at least 2 sizes smaller than used to knit swatch, crochet hook in similar size to dpns, small foam core sheet (or something else to which the swatch can be pinned), t pins, point protectors, patience.

Devilish Details

A beautiful and successful project always comes down to the details! In this class, students will learn techniques used in “New Lace Knitting” (Interweave, 2015) projects, plus others, including: Kitchener cast on and bind off, provisional crochet cast on to knitting needle, 3-needle bind off, i-cord bind off, knitted on lace edging bind off, grafting, picking up stitches, Russian join, spit splice, joining top of shoulder seams invisibly, and placing beads with a crochet hook. We’ll be swatching all of the different techniques. Materials: your yarn and needles of choice for swatching. Recommended: extra needle sizes to compare fabric achieved.

Chilkat Cowl
Learn new skills while swatching for a beautiful lace cowl designed specifically to advance your lace skills! We will start out with my favorite provisional cast on for lace, then work our way through some stripey lace fun. You can finish up your swatch as a wrist warmer and then make another, or you can rip it out and start the cowl itself. Skills covered: provisional cast on, joining to work in the round, working in the round with two circular needles, jogless join for stripes, knitted on lace edging, and i-cord bind off. Throughout the process, we will go over tips and tricks for staying on track with your knitting and creating a beautiful product. Materials: Sport weight yarn in at least two colors for swatching (cowl uses 3 colors), 2 x 16 inch circular needles in US size 4, one double pointed needle in US size 7. Pattern is not included and must be purchased by students.

Shapely Shawls
Learn about different shapes that shawls can come in! We’ll go through several ways to shape shawls and how you can expect to increase or decrease to arrive at a particular shape. Then we will cast on for a small shawl made with sock yarn. Can be taught in conjunction with any of my small shawl patterns. Materials: knitting needles in size depending on pattern, shawl pattern, sock or other yarn for shawl. Note that class fee does not include pattern. Note: a slightly more advanced class can be taught using patterns such as Fiori di Sole, Muir, Bluebird and Sevillano. Patterns not included and must be purchased by students.


Accommodations and Costs
The retreat will begin on Thursday with check in beginning at 12:30 p.m. (lunch is not included on Thurs.) We will be offering an afternoon program Thursday that’s yet to be announced. The retreat will end following brunch on Sunday. The costs for the retreat are as follows and will include lodging, meals, one class with each of the three teachers, a SWAG bag and MORE FUN than anyone should be allowed to have in one weekend!

– Double occupancy (2 queen beds) $1125.00 per person. Security deposit of $375 is due upon registration with $375 due by Oct.15th and $375 due by Feb. 15th.

 – Single Occupancy Full Payment  (1 king bed) $1400
– Single occupancy (1 king bed) $1400.00 per person. Security deposit of $467.00 is due upon registration with $467 due on Oct. 15th and $466 due by Feb. 15th.

-Non- Knitter Double occupancy ( 2 queen beds/ no classes and no swag) $975.00 per person. Security deposit of $325.00 is due upon registration with $325.00 due on Oct. 15th and $325 due by Feb. 15th.

Commuter Package $825 Payment in Full at time of registration

I’m happy to match you with a roommate, or you can specify a roommate on your registration form. Please make sure your intended roommate sends in his/her form at the same time as yours if possible—I am unable to hold rooms for missing roommates.
This rate covers everything: classes and activities, three nights’ lodging, all your meals from Thursdays’ dinner through Sunday Brunch, snacks and beverages throughout the weekend, plus all taxes and gratuities.

We are so excited to be presenting such an amazing line up for the weekend. There are many fun surprises planned for the weekend as well! We can’t wait to meet some new fiber friends!

The balance of your deposit is refundable sans a $100 cancellation fee until March 1, 2017, after which point, we regret that all cancellations are non-refundable. (We will send you the wonderful swag bag.)

Registration begins on July 8th, 2016 at 10 a.m. Ready to sign up? Give us a call at the shop (941) 487-7914 .

What happens once you complete registration?
Once you have completed registration, you will be contacted by Cindy, the event coordinator in the next month, with a form for you to fill out. You will be able to rank your classes in the order that you would like to take them and provide us with your emergency contact information at that time. We are so excited that you are going to join in the first of what we hope will be many retreats! If you have any questions about the retreat please feel free to contact us at agoodretreat@gmail.com.


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