Color Blending with Beth Smith 1/13-14

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This is the all encompassing blending class you’ve been looking for. Are you looking for a way to make your tapestry weaving more professional looking? How about those fabulous colorwork sweaters where the colors just seem to dance? I’m going to show you how to take control of the color in your life.
Choosing the tool you blend with is as important as choosing your drafting technique when you get to the wheel. In this two day class we will learn to blend the primary colors to get any color you want. We will use hand combs and hand cards and spin samples. We will discuss how the fabrics differ and how to make a decision about your tool of choice while we create a color wheel beginning with just 3 primary colors. We will also practice adding black or white in different percentages to change the tints and shades of the colors we have made. 

Students should be able to spin a consistent thread.
This class is appropriate for both wheel and spindle. Please bring any hand cards or hand combs you have. If you don’t own them, some will be available to borrow in class.
Materials fee: $30, $40

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