Beth Smith-The Princess Sheep Study

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Take an enchanted journey with fairy tale princesses and the princesses of the animal world, sheep. This class connects the spirit of each movie princess with a particular breed of sheep. Which breed is strong and brave? Which breed is daring and cunning? Which breed is the fairest of them all?
We will spend a full days learning the ins and outs of 10 sheep breeds, the history of each breed and every detail about each breed's fleece. Working from washed, unprocessed fleece we will learn to comb flick and card. Through sampling we will learn what processing and spinning methods work best with each breed.
A sprinkle of fairy dust will keep the fun in our spinning and you will be whistling while you work all the day through!
Students should be able to spin a continuous thread.
Please bring a spindle or spinning wheel in good working order. Also bring hand combs or mini combs, a flick and hand cards. If you don’t own these tools a few will be available to borrow during class. In addition a pen and note taking materials are useful.



Materials fee $45 
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