3/3/18 - Advanced Brioche with Keith-Fixing Mistakes,Increase, Decreases.

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Have you conquered brioche stitch? Now it’s time to return to knitting 101 where we learn how to pick up dropped stitches, “tink” and rip back our knitting. However, instead of simple stockinette stitch, it will be in brioche! Learn how to read your stitches and successfully restore your brioche knitting. Next, we will learn how to increase and decrease (both in brioche). We will look at patterns and you will be amazed at how many different types of patterns could be made using brioche from scarves, hats, blankets, sweaters and more!

Level:  Intermediate

Homework:  None


• 2 colors worsted weight yarn
• Size #7 24” circular knitting needles
• Darning needle
• Scissors

Instructor:  Keith Leonard

Time:  1-3PM

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