2/17/18 - All Points South

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“All Points South” is meant to drape down over your shoulders to some degree but not necessarily fit all the way over your shoulders as a poncho would. Two sizes are available and is designed to fit everyone. You can wear it bunched up like a cowl or more flat - it will magically hit you just right and fold over itself/ruche up to keep you toasty. It will look more poncho-y on some and more cowl-y on others depending on shoulder and bust size.

It is top down, seamless, with a “V.” There are a variety of stitches to keep it interesting and it is designed for solids, speckles, variegated or a combination of all three. It tends to grow with length after blocking, so you may end up with a longer garment which doesn’t really matter – more merino for snuggling into this winter!



In this 3 hours class, we will get excited about making an “All Points
South” pullover shawl that will: 1. Fit the way you want it to, and 2.
Make you excited about knitting it. We will spend time going over
stitches in the shawl, such as the trapped stitch, the zig zag stitch, and
the daisy stitch.
We will also spend time on color selections and how to make an
accessory or garment that you love and feel excited to make. A lot of
us us lack confidence in choosing colors and through demonstrations
and tricks (no science theory here), we will attempt to conquer that
fear and have a lot of fun while doing it! You will be able to take
these newly found skills to translate into other knitting projects.
Note that you do not need yarn to make the “All Points South” shawl.
We can work on choosing colors for your special garment while
you’re here.
1. Three samples of fingering weight yarns – Stash scraps of 40
yards of three colors (Color A: light color, Color B: variegated
or bright/contrasting, Color C: any color). These do not have
to be colors that you like – just colors that can be distinguished
from each other.
2. 2 stitch markers
One US 5 or 6 knitting needle – whatever you use to knit shawls.

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