1/27/18 Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Tomten Jacket and Garter Jacquard with Franklin Habit -10am-5pm

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In this intense but fun full-day class we’ll tackle an iconic design by a
legendary knitter, working through a doll-sized version from cast-on to cast-off.
In addition, we’ll learn the beautiful, little-known garter stitch jacquard
technique and touch on such topics as I-cord edgings and buttonholes,
afterthought pockets, garter stitch grafting, and more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Tomten Jacket pattern is NOT provided as part of the class handouts. Each student will need to have his or her own copy. Schoolhouse Press (schoolhousepress.com) is able to provide stand-alone copies of the pattern to the shop or guild that is hosting the class, and which may be re-sold to students separately or as part of the class fee. Arrangements for a sufficient supply of the pattern must be made by the shop or guild.

1 original copy of the Tomten Jacket pattern, either in its stand-alone form, available from Schoolhouse Press at schoolhousepress.com; or as published in Knitting Workshop, The Opinionated Knitter, or Knitting Without Tears; photocopies or scans may not be used in class.

1 ball worsted-weight yarn in white or a light solid or semi-solid color (200 yards is plenty)

1 ball worsted-weight yarn in a contrasting solid or semi-solid color

1 pair straight 10" or longer needles or equivalent circular needle, in a size appropriate to yield a firm fabric

2 or 3 double-pointed needles of either the same size as above, or 1 size smaller

Notions: scissors, yarn needle, stitch markers (at least two), and either stitch holders (2) or lengths of contrasting scrap yarn to hold live stitches

The notions are important as we will be working the entire Tomten in miniature, including grafting the hood–plus refinements like afterthought pockets and I-cord trim. Most knitters could probably get away with partial balls, but I hesitate to say so because then folks show up with 50 yards and run short!]

No swatch is needed-we'll all cast on together.


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