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Leopard Spot from KittyBea Knitting


This newest colorway is based on this picture of a species of Chromodorid Nudibranch.  It seems to have many common names, but my favorite is Leopard Spot.  Nudibranchs are shell-less snails.  They are some of the most colorful creatures on earth. They all have gills on their backs and a pair of antenna.  Most nudibranchs take something from their prey to use as their own chemical defense. For example, the chromodorids selectively feed on sponges and steal toxic chemicals from the sponge originally intended to keep animals from living and growing on it.   They redistribute those chemicals throughout their tissues to use for defense.   They also use their colors to warn predators of their bad taste or poisonous nature.  This one was only about ½” long.  If you look close to the bottom left of the photo, you can see a patch of whitish colored eggs


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